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This is the “CoDeS Case Pallini” blog, titled:

School – community collaboration for ESD in a nursery school : an action research project

This blog describes the case of a school community collaboration for ESD developed in Pallini, Greece. This is one of the cases collected within the frame of Comenius Network CoDeS.


This is a case of nursery school community collaboration through a parental involvement project towards the vision of a sustainable school. Teachers, students and their parents communicate and collaborate with each other and with the municipality in order to improve the water management in their school. Specifically, through an action research project, partners establish collaboration for the duration of one year and plan the goals of the school’s education program. The collaboration process also includes phases of action, observation and reflection that constitutes the background for the redesigning, development and observation of a new action based on a revised plan and so on. Moreover, a primary school and another nursery school are getting involved in order to communicate and promote the results of the project to the community. The purposes of the collaborative work, the processes, the research tools, the benefits and the obstacles that arise will be presented.